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Commercial Patio Heater

This is the real professional among specialists, and is the perfect gas patio heater for commercial usage and discerning home users. Made of top-quality, brushed stainless steel, the Commercial gas reflector heater is practically indestructible and immune to damage by the weather.

  • Equipped with Turbo burner in stainless steel

  • Modern multi-spark ignition 

  • 4-14 kW continuously adjustable heating level control

  • 11-38 operating hours with one 11 kg cylinder

  • 88 cm Ø refl ector made of hot-dip aluminium

  • Thermoelectric ignition safety device

  • Anti-tipping system for maximum safety

  • Removable shelf for an 11 kg gas cylinder is easy to handle

  • Effortless changing of the gas cylinder

  • Retracting pedestal for space-saving storage

  • Practical integrated table is particularly beneficial for commercial usage

  • Large stainless steel base for enhanced stability

  • Sheathed carrying handles for effortless handling

  • Lockable door for safeguarding the gas cylinder

  • Set of sturdy casters for effortless repositioning

Product Details

Technical Specifications

  • 14kw total power rating

  • Battery Ignition

  • Retractable pedestal

  • Integrated anti-tipping system

  • Ignition safety device

  • Hose & gas pressure regulator

  • Set of casters

  • Stainless steel body

  • Stainless steel round base

  • Height 230cm

  • Ø 88cm width


Optional accessories:

  • Weatherproof cover

  • ISO reflector Ø 88 cm

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